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Distribution of Tarantulas in Arizona

A total of 14 tarantula species have been described as occurring in Arizona. The published descriptions of most species are inadequate, making species-level identifications of specimens exceedingly difficult. As a result, the validity of most Aphonopelma species in Arizona is very much in question. The Aphonopelma fauna of Arizona, along with that of several other southwestern states, has received very little attention and current published research is virtually nonexistent; an unfortunate fact given the ecological diversity of this region and a concomitant potential for new, undescribed species. The county records above reflect only the limited published distributional data available (Chamberlin and Ivie, 1939; Chamberlin, 1940; Smith, 1995; Prentice, 1997). A significant amount of work needs to be conducted in Arizona to assess the taxonomic status and distribution of species across the state.

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